If you own a business, no matter what type, you always have to consider how your professional branding comes off to the general public and your current customers. One of the biggest factors to your company’s image is that of its leader and how the leader carry themselves. You must come off as firm with your employees yet friendly with customers or clients. At the same time, you don’t want to anger your employees but still need to satisfy your clientele. It can be difficult; however, it is not impossible.Image result for How Your Personal Image Greatly Impacts Your Professional Branding

First, Be Professional but Humble

When you work in the higher levels of a company, you have to act the part everyday; day in and day out. Everywhere from your looks to the way you talk. Always dress the part. If you have a lot of meetings one day, consider dressing up a little nicer. On days you will spend doing more personal stuff, feel free to go more casual. This will go a long way to show your customers or clients that you are always professional, but you won’t be seen around all the time dressed to the nines and therefore be more relatable to the employees. It’s important you find a balance between the two working hemispheres.

Be Consistent

You can’t be the kind of leader that gets themselves done up all the time to launch your company, then slowly lets it fade away. That will damage the overall image in the long run for you and the business. If you were the type of person at the beginning to get your hair done every week or two, stick to that routine! Find somewhere local that you like, and get into their regular calendar. For women, maybe they should also find a nail salon and men a barber with shaving services. The more polished and clean you look all the time, the easier it is over time. These things are little, but they will make a big difference in the professional world!

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