An employee ID card comes in a variety of thickness, sizes, and formats. But each may vary as per the guidance of the terms and functions used. In fact, an ID card dimensions consist of three measures length, width, and thickness. When picking the sizes, the ID card may be varying according to four standard sizes and pick the best one.

The most common ID card size is a 30mil CR 80 card and every ID card printer use on this size. Not every printer need less common card sizes, so makes sure to read your printers technical specifications. The specifications must be unique and as per the requirements design the ID cards for employees.

ID card thickness could be measured properly, and that must be ranging from 10mil to 50mil. It involves standard card thickness also get it along with badge clips. This is almost used for employee cards in industry sectors. The thinner and thickness should be noted uniformly when printing ID cards. Here, you will look at the different employee ID card size specifications for organization needs.

  • CR80 Standard ID size

This type of ID card size is like a credit card and considered the standard specifications. It is almost suitable for every industry which measures 3.375’’x2.125’’. This is the most common ID card dimension and is used in wide industries. It comes from standard PVC cards, PVC/poly combo cards, stripe cards and others. This standard size is suitable for every sector and organization mostly prefers this kind of employee ID cards. So, this delivers excellent identity to the organization in case of identification purpose.

  • CR79 ID size

This CR79 ID size is slightly smaller than above card and usually has an adhesive back for personalizing option. In fact, it prints with thicker technology that carries out smoothly while printing. It is also known as an adhesive back card which can be printed and applied to the front card. It fit perfectly on inside edge of a standard technology bring back with adhesive back. This CR79 ID size is known the best one and extra thicker with the help of technology-related option. So, you will look at this sample for getting right set of ID cards.

  • Extra long Xtended cards

This card size specification is different and extra large when compared to standard size. It is about an inch longer than CR80 and the most affordable option to buy for large card printing. They are commonly used in ticketing and pass at events, concerts, conferences and more things. It can able to identify the card that is an inch longer when compared with others. It is most things when you choose this Xtended cards for varied purposes. This lets you access to dynamic size use for industry purpose.

  • CR 100 ID card

This CR 100 ID card is 42% longer than standard CR80 cards. It measures 3.88’’x2.63” which is known as oversized cards. It usually carried out frequently in military applications and conventions.  So, the badge clips will be seen from a distance, and it could be used for a different purpose. The user can talk to ID experts when you need something for your organization needs. It is capable of providing best results to the military applications.

  • Key tag cards

This type of card size is made up of PVC materials that are suitable for membership’s activities. In fact, this is useful for the employee who works in groceries, retail store, and gyms. It comes in two varieties such as 3UP and 2UP that is vital for printing cards for store employees and members. Not all ID cards are printed in key tags but based on organization needs they can print the key tags.


From the above discussion, the ID card size specifications are listed by its unique features. In general, the individuals get a clear idea regarding the needs of ID size that is very essential for them to print for organization needs. Along with badge clips, you can pick the familiar ID card size specifications to use for the varied purpose. So, it let them access on dynamic size in which it let them get attention on pre-printed and post-printing ID cards based on the size.

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