For marketing to be successful, it needs to take into account the target market. With this, there are differences on how a product is marketed based on gender. The lifestyle and behavior of men and women will have an impact in determining the approaches that can work best. In the rest of this post, we will briefly discuss some of the basics to effectively target men in marketing products that are exclusive to them.


Be Straightforward

While both men and women consume information, women have the tendency to spend more time doing research about a specific product. For instance, when looking for a razor bump removal cream, women would look at the ingredients used, how it is applied, why it is good, and other information that will help them assess a product. With men, on the other hand, information can be lesser. They do not need to know a lot of things. They are the epitome of the saying that less is more. You should give them everything that they need to know in one go. Unlike women, they are less likely to make further research.

Become the First Option

It’s also given that men tend to stop shopping once they find a product that already satisfies their needs. Therefore, when marketing products to men, provide as much information as possible without overloading. If you look at the website of, you can see that in each product page, you will already see everything there is to know about a product. The goal is to convince men right away so that they will not leave the website without making a purchase. In the case of women, on the other hand, they tend to do more comparison and they shop for alternatives.

Go Mobile


In a study that has been completed by Business Insider UK, it has been revealed that more men shop through their mobile phones compared to women. Therefore, if you are marketing products that are meant to target men, you should pay attention to using mobile marketing tactics. Your website should be mobile-friendly. Nonetheless, this should not discount the fact that even websites that sell products for women need to be mobile-friendly.

Deals are not Important


Another thing that makes men different is that they do not put much emphasis on the deals, such as discounts, coupons, and freebies. In most cases, offering such won’t help. Instead, they might think that the product has superior quality, which is why it’s cheap. Instead of focusing on offering deals, highlight the benefits to convince them to purchase the product regardless of its price.

Men and women are different in many ways, including how they shop. With this, take mote of the things that have been mentioned above to market your products effectively to men. As noted, you need to be straightforward with your message and highlight the benefits that can be reaped from the use of the product instead of making deals that won’t matter to them anyway.


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