Car Purchasing UK Report released by Google in April 2017 revealed that car dealers in the country invested about £115.9 million in direct mail and online display.  Expectedly, digital visibility is important, which is evident from the Drive To Decide Report by Google (in association with TNS), which mentioned that 82% people in the UK have access to the internet. Also, over 85% of the population is using smartphones. So, will Online Marketing pay off for all sectors? Audi dealership Vendis tries to decode further using facts and figures below.

The auto industry

No wonder, digital transition is extremely vital for auto dealers. Consider the UK Digital Ad Spending Growth for 2017, eMarketer revealed that the auto industry accounted for about 11%. It is quite easy to understand that online investment is working, at least for this niche.

Fashion retail and beyond

It is also important for fashion retailers to take note, given that online sales figure has reached the £16.2-billion-mark last year, and experts are expecting big by 2022. Big brands such as Marks and Spencer have invested considerably in online operations, while others like John Lewis claimed that 40% of their Christmas sales can be credited to online sale. This is a big indicator that shoppers are looking to shop at ease from the comfort of their homes.  The same can be said about the healthcare sector, as well, which of course has its own norms because of the regulations involved. Utilities also showed a similar trend.

Forecasting the future

It can be concluded that online marketing investment is important for retailers in fashion and automotive industry. For utilities, TV ads remains one of the main ways to drive sale but change and shift in trend is expected. More companies will spend considerably in online marketing by 2022, according to, which pegs the current share of one strategies at around 41%. Given the better access to internet and handheld devices, the trend will only get better from here on, and most industries and brands have to take note.

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