If you want to double or triple your website traffic, you need to read this article. This can be done by using CN Marketing Solutions.

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This type marketing is where relationships are pursue based on:

  • Transparency
  • Persistence
  • Mutual trust
  • Integrity

With employees, business partners and customers.

SEO Calculator

What is this? It is hard for many to understand what SEO is and the true value of SEO. The clients only want to know – are they going to make more money using SEO than what they will spend on SEO? SEO is expensive as it involves a lot of time and items that need to be updated almost daily. But the best thing to do is to show potential clients exactly how much SEO services will help them, and do it with the Value SEO Services calculator.

Using the SEO calculator

An example is – if your client’s website traffic hits 1,000 visitors per month and they in turn can convent 5% of those visitors that would give them 50 new leads per month. If only 30% of those new leads are converted into buying customers that will give them 15 new customers each month.

Conversion is worth

Let’s say that customer’s worth is only £100 that is still £1500 in value month. If their traffic is 2,000 visitors each month, their revenue will rise to £3,000. This is nice and that can continue and is well worth the money your client paid for SEO services. And, it is well worth the price, if you can get their keywords into the top 5 slots when doing a website niche search on major search engines such as Google.

SEO website analysis

Also offer the potential client free SEO website analysis. It is important for any SEO team to review a client’s website’s SEO aspects and provide tips to help the clients website increase traffic, drive leads, as well as maximize revenue. Most clients would much rather spend the money to get experts to convert their website than doing it themselves.

Accept a job

All of this are things need to be consisted by CN Marketing Solutions web design when they accept a job for any client for converting a good web design into a good SEO website design. And that is also part of the price the clients much pay for good SEO services.

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