Technology serves as a very helpful tool especially when it comes to businesses. In fact, the number of online businesses is increasing due to its accessibility and convenience. It is getting especially popular in Asia. In China, users of the internet are growing and that means that the potential for e-commerce businesses also increases. As of 2016, the internet penetration in China reached fifty percent (50%).

Internet is one of the most powerful tools to use to advertise your business. This is because almost everyone uses social media and search engines to check if there is anything new for them to check out. However, in China, some social media sites are blocked and most sites that we regularly use such as facebook, youtube, and google, and these sites can only be accessed through the use of a Virtual Private Network or a VPN which makes it appear that your device is connected to US or Japan. This can be a downside because most businesses today advertise on Facebook and all information is available in Google, so this means that not everyone can access it.

Since today, China already has increased internet users, business owners and companies should maximize the use of internet to communicate with their customers. They should use it to advertise to their customers in order to get a higher rate of penetration. Using the internet is actually beneficial to businesses. It is very cost effective since with traditional way of advertising, you have to pay so much, but it costs less using the internet.

Everything is visible on the internet and it would be very helpful for the Chinese business owners to use it to speak specifically to their target market. This would help them to better understand who their targets are and what they actually want and with that, they will know how to get the attention of customers online. They can also use the internet for an enhanced productivity. They will be able to monitor if their advertisements are actually effective by the customers they get and if they are not doing very well, they can improve and think of new strategies since there are a lot of opportunities on the internet.

Most news are seen and read on the internet so the people know what is and what has been happening just by being online. Though the internet can be very helpful, it also has its downsides. Not everything posted online is accurate because people can alter information written on the internet. There is no guarantee that there will be safety with what you are going to post online. Take this for an example, the Rape of Nanking, most people in China are of course aware of what really happened during that time, but then a Japanese man tried to deny it ever happened by writing a book, and of course, when something like this happens, it is going to circulate all over the internet and it is definitely going to create confusion.

So yes, I think that it is very beneficial for business owners to use internet for the sake of their businesses since it has a lot of advantages, but they also should not discount the idea that there is a possibility for other people to alter the information given so if they choose to use the internet for their businesses, they should do something to ensure the security of the information they are going to provide and make sure that it will be accurate since there are a lot of people that check businesses online. They should always keep in mind that with doing things online, there will be risks and they should not ignore those risks, but they should just be cautious.

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