Just because your business is small, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to outdated business practices. IT solutions that increase productivity and efficiency at companies are becoming more and more affordable even for tiny ventures. If you want to efficiently use available resources at your Australian small business and save up on operational costs, follow the suggestions below:

Buy Collaborative Task Management Software

Proper task management is integral to getting projects done on time without wasting financial resources. Even if your company is a small business, chances are that you work with a number of employees located here and there. The best way to get a scattered team to work efficiently without wasting time is to buy them task management software, like Asana. Employees, even if they are in the same office, will be able to keep track of projects and get things done on time. If you want to reduce overall operational costs by hiring freelancers, task management software will certainly help managers build remote teams in a productive manner.

Digitally Collaborate with B2B Partners

Most small businesses work with numerous other small and large businesses. For example, a small business located in a suburb may work with a number of large businesses located in the city to deliver services. Small businesses that are not well prepared can run into trouble when working together with other business partners. For example, sharing software, communicating, and working together overall can end up consuming a lot of time when conducted in the traditional way. Therefore, you should seek to build a strong digital business partner network. Contact a B2B integration Australia agency regarding how your small business can build a secure partner network to save time and money.

Store Files on a Cloud Drive

Time is long past for file drawers and USB sticks. It’s time your small business found cloud solutions to common file storage systems. Get a cloud account for your business to store files and software virtually. The advantage is that you and your employees will be able to access files from anywhere, any time, and using any device. You can easily control access that different levels of employees will have. Also, you can use cloud solutions to share software without installing software manually on each computer. If you are looking to limit operational costs at your small business, cloud solutions are a must.

Use Voice over IP to Make the Phone System Less Messy

Suffering from a messy phone system? Then it’s time your small business got Voice over IP (VoIP) software. VoIP software makes it easy to set up your overall phone system. You can unify your phone system and eliminate time-consuming tasks with regards to call routing, voicemail, and even faxing. For a long time, VoIP software was only available to big companies. Now, however, some companies, like Citrix, offer VoIP software that even small businesses can afford.

Offer Customer Support Via Live Chat

There’s an easier and more affordable way to offer customer support than by establishing an expensive call centre: live chat. Buy live chat software for your website to drastically eliminate the operational costs associated with providing customer support. Live chat software is easy to maintain, not costly, and one employee can handle multiple sessions. You can combine limited phone support with live chat to save up on costs.

The tech solutions above will allow your small business to save money and time. So, don’t wait to become more efficient by following a couple of the suggestions provided above.

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