All casinos of Shangri La chain arranged a parade of bright parties in the summer with cash prizes. The elegant Shangri La Minsk casino in Belarus invited guests to exotic parties in a tropical style.

Darren Keane, CEO announced the “Tropicana” program, which was held on June 24, 2017. All of the visitors of this day enjoyed the luxury tropical night in the center of Minsk. Party concept is unusual for Belarus because of its temperate climate and frequent coolness even in the summer season. Therefore, the guests liked a lot hot tropical summer decoration, the exotic menu and the passionate dances of graceful tropic ladies.

And the main surprise of the evening was the 100,000 pleasures drawing, which was received by one of the visitors randomly selected during the final lottery.

Darren Keane, Storm International clarified that the “Tropicana” was part of the “hot Saturdays”, held in the Minsk Shangri La casino. The idea of a chain developing gambling houses and halls in Europe was to create all the conditions for an ideal summer relaxation. Unique programs that took place every weekend stressed the special brand status and attention to the guests’ interests.

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