Direct marketing can offer you many opportunities for success and growth that you can’t find in any other industry, but with this potential for success also comes common pitfalls that you will inevitably encounter. It’s wise to begin your multi-level marketing career with your eyes wide open, completely aware of the things to look out for to be sure you’re doing everything possible to create a wonderful and lucrative business.

Here are 7 things to avoid and look out for as you get started in your journey with direct marketing.

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1. You Sign Up with A Company Only Because Your Friends Did

Prior to signing up with a direct marketing company, you absolutely must do some research to be sure you choose a company with a product you believe in. Just because your friends have found success with one particular company doesn’t mean you will. If you don’t believe in the product you’re selling, it will be nearly impossible to get others to believe in it, too.   

2. You Don’t Use the Product Yourself

One of the key elements of building a strong direct marketing business is to share your own personal experience with the product and how it’s changed your life for the better. If you don’t use the product yourself, how can you expect anyone else to want to buy it? Use the product and learn everything you can about it so you can easily answer questions and make recommendations.

3. You Decide to Figure It Out as You Go

Like Benjamin Franklin said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. You must take the time to create a game plan for your business and set goals. If you don’t have a plan, you don’t have direction, and without either of those, you’ll find yourself and your business going nowhere. If you want to sell scented candles, or ASEA health products, come up with the best plan you can and learn from others who are already successful in the business.

4. You Don’t Commit to Your Business

Although it is wise to maintain your day job while you build your multi-level marketing business, it’s important to be all in from the very beginning. Without a dedication to your new job and determination to grow your business and reach your goals, you are setting yourself up to fail.   

5. You Think Your Business Will Build Itself

It’s likely you know other people who do direct marketing and are constantly reading their posts on social media about how much money they’re making and how great their business is doing. While some people will give you the false impression that running a direct marketing business is easy, the truth is that finding success in this type of business takes a lot of hard work. Expect to do a lot of legwork and networking if you want to set yourself up to make a lot of money.

6. You Figure You Can Do It Yourself

One of the largest benefits of signing up with a direct marketing company is the help you have available from the day you get started. From training material to regular informational emails, team leaders, and other upline mentors, there is no shortage of resources and people to turn to for help. The biggest mistake you can make is not taking advantage of this information and asking for help.

7. You Focus Only on the Product, Not Marketing

While focusing on selling your product is important, the most beneficial thing you can do for your business is marketing. Talk about your business with everyone you meet, share information on social media—anything you can do to spread the word about your business. And the more creative your marketing plan, the better.

Now You Know What to Expect

Knowing is half the battle, and being aware of everything that can go wrong in your business is just as important as being aware of what can go right. Find a company you like with products you can believe in, for example if you love anti-aging products look into ASEA: Science Based Medicine. Lastly, never stop learning and looking for ways to market and build your business. Keeping all of this in mind, you’re ready to get started.

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