Today, the title ‘manager’ is used loosely for many jobs within a company. It seems like it is slowly becoming a concept without real meaning.

Nevertheless, a real manager, especially an Human Resource manager, is crucial for almost all companies. An HR manager ensures that everything in the field of personnel matters of the employees is arranged, improved, and overall taken care of. An HR manager is a trust person, but also someone who makes sure there is a good overview of personnel information and acts as a regulator. As an HR manager, you are leading your colleagues and presenting the right example of how one should work.

What does it take to become a successful HR manager?

A good question, which we will give an even better answer to. In a nutshell, a successful HR Manager requires the following personal skills:

Trust person

One of the most important aspects of being an HR manager is to gain employees trust and respect. As an HR manager you should be able to handle difficult situations, such as bullying at the workplace or sexual intimidation. Next to this, it is also crucial that you are approachable and open for your colleagues.  

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Additionally, an HR manager should of course feel responsible and concerned about the wellbeing of the employees within the company. Talking with their colleagues about experiences and on how to possibly improve their working skills and output.  Also, they have to stay updated with colleagues that do not come to work often, reaching out to employees that might be ill or that work from home. Creating a friendly work environment should be one of the top priorities.

Eye for detail

Another valuable quality of an HR manager is to have an eye for detail and the bigger picture, a term that describes this best is the ‘bird’s eye’. To have a good overview helps to monitor the main happenings. It also helps to see how the organization is doing where there is room for improvement. For example, there are a lot of organizations where energy is waisted because employees are focussing on sides issues and not the main problem.

Handle setbacks

This quality is required for everybody in the organisation. However especially a manager should be able to handle threshold. Times of stress and uncertainty are unavoidable for all managers in the world. At all times they must keep their colleagues motivated and inspired.

Take difficult decisions

An HR manager is required to make difficult decisions in a short period of time. There is no space for much doubt and one must be able to act quickly upon a problem. Together with this, clarity is also an essential quality. Your colleagues need to have a clear view of what is going on so that everybody knows where they stand.

Taking all of this into account, an HR manager needs to own a lot of qualities in order to become successful. These are only the most general and important qualities. Of course it takes a lot more than just acquiring these skills.


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