The world is not really aware of the many business personnel who have managed to create a harmonious balance between business and charity, social work and economic prosperity. Considering the present scenario, this balance, however, is of utmost importance. This is why the world should feel grateful for people like Peter Loftin.

From being the owner of one of the biggest telecom companies in the world, to the supporter of various kinds of charity works- Loftin has managed to set foot in all of these. There are some significant ways through which he has tried his parts to make it a better place to live in.

The beginning of BTI and some other successful business ventures:

Loftin began his journey at quite a young age, when he was in his twenties. Coming from a humble background, Peter Loftin was entirely bereft of the silver spoon which might be a strong point in the case of others. During the year of 1983, he established the BTI or Business Telecom Inc. It was in North Carolina, Raleigh. Gradually, through the course of the following years, BTI managed to rank seventh among the national competitive business establishments. In the entire world, it was ranked fifteen with a vast number of clients, associated companies and the existing employees. Loftin worked there as the Chairman of Board too.

One of the most established business magazines, the Business North Carolina Magazine addressed Peter Loftin as ‘North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year’. Apart from this, the North Carolina Electronics and Information Technologies Association or NCEITA conferred upon him the ‘Corporate Citizen of the Year Award’. This is not just because of his success in the business and in extension, the world of economy.

He was awarded this title due to his successful attempt to provide free internet services to the rural disabled schools throughout the entire North Carolina. James B Hunt, the contemporary Governor of North Carolina also recognized his overall contribution.

Peter Loftin’s contribution to the world of arts and Casa Casuarina

Another great thing about Peter Loftin is that besides being a businessman, he has the same level of interest in the world of arts and artistry. During the year, 1997, he donated a great amount to the Performing Arts Centre of Raleigh. As per Tom Fetzer, the Mayor of Raleigh, this was indeed the largest private contribution ever made in the history of Raleigh. The most bewildering fact is that Loftin was the only one to show any kind of active interest in the performing arts project of Raleigh at that point of time.

During the year 2000, Loftin made another successful venture in the form of Casa Casuarina. He sold a large portion of BTI and purchased the luxury villa. It seemed that he bought it in order to transform into a boutique villa, meant for the celebrities. A deeper thought has revealed that it was also meant to establish and secure the employment of a huge number of local youths in the hotel itself. This helped them in a number of ways.

There is no doubt about how well Loftin has managed to blur the division between business and charity through his keen interest in social work.

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