To be successful, a well thought out plan is required; it is no different in the case of fundraising. Fundraising usually takes more than one person to form a team, to plan, and then executing the planning but mostly it falls on one person to take care of the most important parts of the job. Therefore, it is a wise decision to choose a company that makes the job easier and put less pressure on the team without compromising on profit.

The first thing you need to find is a company offering products that are easy to sell. Make sure that the products you choose are moderately priced and that those products are used daily by people. The more regularly they use the product, the more will be the demand, and so more items will get sold.

Companies which offer no minimum requirements at the time of purchase and sells products which are shipped for free are a good choice too. Companies which provide flat percent of profit on each item sold are also a good option.

How to make a start?

For smooth running of the process you should first set a start date for the fundraising activity and also an end date by which your target should be met or you should have made more money than you had targeted.

After the planning, you should provide order forms to your group or organization or team and start collecting orders and send in the orders to the company along with the payments for the products you need. After that when you receive the items, check if all the orders have been delivered to you as ordered and then make sure that the products are delivered to the right addresses. The whole thing seems to be complicated, but when you start this process, these steps are going to be easy for you and it ensures smooth running of your fundraiser team.

You should also check with the company about the payment options they have. Most would support all the traditional methods like checks, online payments etc. Most of the companies will never deliver the products till they get payment cleared. So, if you write them a check it will take more time to get cleared rather than online payment or phone payment. The earlier you can get your product the better it is for you.

Remember the company which will provide you with products that are needed regularly is the companies you should opt for fundraising. The candy bars and gift wraps don’t sell as much as products like dish detergent, laundry detergent, storage bags, or trash bags. Your target should be to sell products which are needed regularly, this will make your organization collect the orders very easily and your team can regularly get orders from their customers making profit for you and your team for a long term.


You need to choose a company which offers easy to organize funding and products that are easy to sell. You need a company which gives you a flat percent on each item sold with a payment option which would make your delivery fast and also that they offer free shipping. Top Laundry Detergent Fundraiser is profitable and good for raising huge amount of fund for a long term.

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