Jim Cramer is a famous television personality originated from America. He has achieved his popularity from a particular show telecasting on CNBC which is a famous channel. He is the main host of a particular show named “Mad Money”. He is the co-founder of the Inc “the street”. He is a multi-talented personality. Along with a founder and a TV show host, Jim Cramer is also a best-selling author. He worked as a hedge fund manager and there he was really experienced. Basically, he is an expert and experienced investment personality. He was born on 10th February in 1955.

Jim Cramer Net Worth:

According to a famous report, Jim Cramer owns a total net worth of almost $100 million. As we have stated earlier, he was a former successful hedge fund manager, the most of this wealth has come from that sector. But he is a real careerist person. Cramer did not stop his career at that point. He made a new start from that point. With the help of his previously gained experience, Jim Cramer invested himself in multiple streams and thus increased his personal net worth. After that, he has founded an ownership and that is another main pillar to increase the net worth. Finally, the “Mad Money” has supported him really well to increment the total wealth. This TV show has guided him to become a stronger influential person in the fields of financial investment. So, he has become a leading personality for advising related to stock market.

Jim Cramer Life History:

Jim Cramer was born in wyndmoor, Pennsylvania. This is a suburban area of Philadelphia. His parents were Jewish. His father N. Ken Cramer was a businessman and his mother was an artist. Louise A. Cramer was the name of her mother. Jim Cramer has completed his school at the Springfield Township High School which was situated in Montgomery County. During his early days, Cramer has started to do a job and then he was selling ice creams during the Philadelphia Phillies Games in Veterans Stadium. In 1977, Cramer completed his graduation from the Harvard College. In 1984, he achieved his Juris Doctor degree from “Harvard Law School”.

Jim Cramer Known for:

Cramer has started his career as a reporter. There he was doing really well. After completing some entry-level reporting jobs he then started to cover some really important incidents very efficiently. He was appointed as one of the primary reporters in “American Lawyer”. During the time of the law school, Jim Cramer has started investing in the stock markets.

In 2005, the famous show “Mad Money” was aired for the first time and it received a huge acknowledgement from different types of audience. In 1996, Cramer has co-founded “the Street” Inc. At present Cramer is an adviser and a market commentator here and now he is the second-largest shareholder here.

Jim Cramer Political/Business Affiliations:

With the help of his earned degrees and previous experiences, Jim Cramer has now become one of the most important personalities in the fields of stocks and investments. As of 2010, he was the chairman of his co-founded investment company “The Street”. He also has gained lots of popularity from the “Mad Money” show. He also organized a popular radio show. In several TV shows, Cramer has appeared in the channels of NBC, CNBC, ESPN etc. he also owns a charitable trust.

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