PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) is proving to be one of the most popular courses for businesses. It is the name of the process used for checking electrical appliances for safety and maintenance compliance. The purpose of taking a PAT course is to comply with health and safety regulations, which requires the safety and proper maintenance of electrical appliances. Manufacturers of most electrical appliances recommend regular testing to ensure continual safety depending on their usage and environment.

PAT also allows businesses to generate extra revenue and also offer another service to its customers. This course can be learned by anyone above 18 years and does not require strict qualifications. While some electrical knowledge will be useful for those undertaking the course, it is not essential. When looking at the options provide in a PAT training course, here are some of the things to consider.

PAT learning methods

While learning PAT can be very rewarding, personal or professional restrictions may act as a hindrance for those willing to fulfil the training requirements of the course. However, there are a range of options one can choose from to suit their circumstances and needs.

  1. Home learning

This type of option is especially useful for those who do not have time to attend training at a school. For example, those offering services or running businesses and do not have time to attend class can still fulfil the course requirements by studying at home. This will usually be accomplished by getting a copy of the training DVD, which one can watch at any time they deem convenient. Furthermore, the training program DVD is approved to guarantee quality training.

  1. At an agreed venue

Some people may feel that they need to have a tutor when doing the PAT course. There are a variety of PAT testing course centres spread out, and all one has to do is to select a venue closest to their location to attend the course. These courses are carried out by trained and professional tutors to ensure quality studies.

  1. At your business

Some schools will offer to train you at your business premises if you do not have time to attend school and feel that you cannot study alone and need a tutor. Furthermore, it is also convenient for businesses that need their employees to be trained. The trainers have the flexibility to tailor the course according to your needs and requirements.

Qualifications of trainers

This is especially useful for businesses seeking to have their employees trained. It is imperative that when looking at a PTA training course, to take into consideration the experience of the trainers. If possible, you can also ask them to give you referrals from some of the clients they have trained successfully before. Furthermore, if possible, you should consider seeking training from institutions that have been in the business for many years. This is to ensure you get quality training at the shortest possible amount of time.

Type of PAT testing courses offered

When looking for a PAT training course, it is recommended to check what they have to offer and the pricing. For example, some may offer online courses, full course or courses for beginners. This is to ensure you meet the requirements. In addition, you should compare the pricing structure to determine what will work for you. If you are not sure of what is best for you, you can contact various PAT course providers and seek advice before deciding what is best for you. You should also check if the course provider is registered and if they adhere to the guidelines set by the concerned authorities.

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