Nowadays many people are doing the own business with the help of internet like ecommerce business. The internet business is playing a big role in the middle of competitive world.  Conducting the business with the help of internet is called e-commerce business and the e-commerce industry is witnessing wonderful growth in India while the Smartphone and internet is freely used by the people.  On the other hand, the technology has also increased like 3G and 4G so people using the internet any trouble and doing their business freely.  The e-commerce business is completely handled by the Smartphone’s and computer. It is one of the more familiar businesses in the world. Today’s most of the customers are Using Online banking (or Internet banking) to conduct financial transactions. Because, this is best tool for convenience and security while you manage your money.

Creating a own e-commerce website

In the e-commerce business most important thing is having the own website, which is an initial stage for starting up the e-commerce business. It helps to display your business vision and mission and what kind of process doing in your business and much more.  In the starting stage e-commerce business needs a web development team, online marketing team and also a payment gateway for receiving the payments theses are most important factors in the e-commerce business.

Connected to an established marketplace

Joining an established marketplace is one the easy way to start the ecommerce business and it is helps to make high profit within a short time of period.  The established marketplace helps to sell and buy your products through the online.  And the established marketplace helps to reduce the workload on the sellers including the sellers get more customers and more established marketplaces like flip kart, Amazon and etc.

Legal formalities for starting the e-commerce business

The most important legal procedures to do before starting the e-commerce business that is make your complete licensed. When starting an e-commerce business it great to have a company or LLP to contain enough liability safety and developing the smooth and ease of business. Containing a company should improve that opening of bank accounts in the name of business.

In the ecommerce business everyone wants to become a seller on e-commerce business that is done in your business when finished the VAT registrations. The VAT registration is need for selling your products through the online in India.  The VAT registration is must be authorized from the states sales tax department.

Next step is creating a bank account with name of your company. The bank account can be easily opened when the e-commerce business company or LLP is incorporated.  When you are going to open a bank account for your company then the VAT registration is the first document to be obtained to open a bank account in the name of your business.

Next step is the payment gateway, which should be required for a proprietary ecommerce website to process the customer payments. The payment gateway offers permissions for accessing the website to accept the credit card, internet banking, debit card and net banking from the multiple banks.  When you are receive the payment from the customers that would transfer to the bank account by the operation of payment gateway.

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