The earliest example of a magazine says ValueMags is from Germany in the mid 17th century. Later on throughout Europe, magazines continued to spread throughout Europe and even into the United States after the American revolution. That is when magazines gained the most popularity. Later, as the world entered the industrial revolution, people were tempted to be more innovative and were encouraged to make discoveries. It is then that magazines took off on an industrial level. During the industrial revolution says ValueMags, individuals were able to make machines that would print newspapers. As technology advancements happened throughout the 20th century, print companies spent thousands at the time (million in comparison now) to develop technologies that would make print magazines the next big thing.Image result for History of Magazines with ValueMags

The reason why magazines were so in demand was because of the colour and the visuals. Although news papers have more or less the same content, anyone could get newspapers. For richer individuals, magazines were a way to differentiate themselves because magazines were more expensive and weren’t handed out to anyone. You knew someone was really wealthy if you went to their washroom and they had stack of magazines for you to read next to the toilet. That is where that tradition stemmed from: differentiating the rich from the poor.

ValueMags is dedicated to keep that legacy going with their marketing initiative to keep print magazines going.

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