Obtaining an alcohol license and permit is not an easy process, nor is it meant to be. While it can be an inhibition for business owners, the permit process is designed to limit the number of people that can serve alcohol so that only approved and authorized vendors can serve it. This prevents minors from obtaining alcohol easily. In Texas, it can feel like a veritable labyrinth of paperwork to complete the process—but hiring a consulting agency can help you navigate this maze and come out the other side with the license you’ve been looking for.

Restaurant, bar, and brewery owners all need to obtain an alcohol permit before they can begin operations. Texas Alcohol Consulting has been in business since 2010, when the entire alcohol permit process changed. The company helps business owners get through the permit process. If you’ve ever noticed the signs declaring a company has applied for a permit, then you know how long those signs can stay in one place. Securing an alcohol permit can take anywhere from six months to as little as 60 days, but it tends to be on the shorter side if you have someone helping you through it.

An alcohol consulting company has trained experts that will help you avoid making any costly makes so that you can obtain your permit more quickly. Whether you are planning to open a barcade or you just want to be able to serve liquor at your restaurant, the permit is a necessary step along the way. Make sure you are completely above board when you obtain it to avoid expensive fines and avoid being shut down. A TABC license is one of the most important parts of your operating permits, and though it can vary from city to city, the general process is the same.


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