When deciding in investing and performing market trades in the stock market, there are many strategies which you can execute to ensure your hold on your chosen shares.  Be sure to carefully and intensively research on what shares you are sure to invest in before making a purchase.  Find out which publicly held corporation is strongest in a specific industry and see what your options are.  In buying and selling shares online, there are many ways in which you can perform transactions through a brokerage account.

First, if you prefer to buy and sell shares independently, open an online trading account designed for independent investors.  Here you can get access to all kinds of investment research and trading services online which you can use to your advantage.  You will be asked to pay a certain amount for the membership and opening of your online trading account before engaging in any transaction.  

The next step would be researching on the shares you’re interested in buying and selling.  There are many resources out there such as stock reports and market commentaries which can guide you in your decision-making.  For instance a website may quote the current RBS share price, and it differs from your broker quote. Remember, a good decision will earn you more profits in your online transactions, so research comprehensively and know what you’re getting into.  

After fulfilling the necessary procedures, your account will be fully serviceable and you can start buying and selling online.  There are many websites that cater to those who wish to buy and sell online and have their own procedures on how you will make your transactions.  Some will ask you to choose which trade you wish to perform.  In WellsTrade for instance, they will ask you to choose if you’d like to buy, sell, sell short, or buy to cover.

Once this is done and you have chosen the ticker symbol of the company you wish to sell and buy stocks to and from, indicate your number of shares.  This when you divide the amount you wish to invest to the number the share price in order to determine the number of shares you wish to buy and sell.  Make sure that you monitor the commission or sales charge, which will affect your purchasing capacity.  Then specify the price you wish for the stocks you want to buy and sell.  There are different prices which you can look into such as market price, limit orders, stop orders, and the stop-limit order.  Market prices are the best available in the marketplace, but it is not assured that this will be the price that you will pay or receive.  Limit orders are order which you buy and sell at a stated quantity at a specified price or at a higher price, while stop orders become market orders when the stock trades at or below the specified price.  The stop-limit order is a combination of the two.   

After that’s done, indicate the term of the order, in which afterwards you can preview and will receive a confirmation once the stock order is complete.  Stock investors risk a lot of money on the stock markets so it’s best that you research and gather enough information on the company and stocks that you are interested in.

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