There is first time to everything in this world, which gets imprinted in your memories. Watching a film and presenting the film on a big screen are the two different things, which are equally important in the perspective of judging and to put and imprint to the viewer. A good movie is a reflection of positive response from the critics and viewers, after all.

What all things make a complete movie package?

Well, on making a film, it includes expertise in many areas. The important people and features to look out in a film are-Image result for Filming Is Not Just About The People But The Way You Handle Them All Together

  1. Writer– A story reflects the essence of the film. Though the story is needed to be brought up in a way that it displays the motive and the message that the writer wanted to share. Writer plays a vital path in making the film a public choice.
  1. Director– He/she is the one that turns the film into complete new package and pushes the entire story, to a whole new level.  A perfect direction along with great technical support gives a movie a successful run. A director looks out for the best and suitable actor for the movie and also makes the various changes that are required in the movie.
  1. Cinematography – He is the head of creative and brings the idea of director into the film and digital recording. He is required to choose the camera and its lenses and also various photographs, which best suits the location.
  1. Editing – Those who are involved with editing turns the raw footage into a complete beautiful story, thus making it worth watching for the viewers. The decision of the director also matters a lot here when it comes to the addition or removal of the scenes.
  1. Actors– They plays a very crucial role in entire movie, starting from the beginning till the end. A film without actors is nothing. It is the actor only that attracts the viewers.

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Things that you should know being an amateur director

Making your own movie requires a lot research and planning, before you finally start with it. It is always hard to start with something new. Things which every new director who steps into film making should know are-

  1. You are the one who stands in support of your movie.
  2. Sometime the actors that you sue can ruin the image of your movie.
  3. Try not keeping your important scenes for shooting at the end.
  4. The time of your movie exceeds then the way you have planned.

The above movie making tips will surely help you to give a good start to your movie career. Try taking some advice from experienced director.


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