Despite the rise of social media and other platforms for advertising, banner stands are still popular. A lot of companies still depend on them to provide information to many people. This is true particularly for small businesses as they intend to target local audiences.

There are a few misconceptions though about the use of pop up banner stands and this discourages people from using them. As a business owner, you need to get the facts straight and be encouraged to use this as an advertising tool.

They don’t easily get blown by the wind

It is untrue that all banner stands are blown by the wind easily. There are stands that are meant for outdoor use. They can stand strong winds. The base is attached to a metal stand that helps improve its stability. There is also a pole that helps in making sure that the frame becomes tougher. The reason why some of them are easily blown away by the wind is that people have chosen the wrong company to partner with and the materials used were of low quality.

They are not expensive

Even if the quality of the materials is great and there are lovely designs available, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot to print them. It is even cheaper if you decide to have several banners printed at once. You can take a look at how much you are willing to spend and select from a wide range of options that are within your budget. You can vary the size and type of material used for the banner depending on how much you can afford. Banners are versatile enough to accommodate what your business is willing to spend.

They are not difficult to set up

It is also a misconception that they are difficult to set up. Upon delivery, the banners are ready for setting up. You don’t even need an assistant to help you with the process. You just have to follow a few simple steps. Take out all the components inside the bag given to you. Put the poles into the hole of the base. Make sure they are fully secured. Hook the panel to the top of the pole with the use of an attachment. This will take you just a few minutes. Some companies even send a guide to help you in setting them up. Therefore, there is no truth to the idea that this is not an easy thing to set up.

Now that you understand the truth behind the use of banners for advertising, you should try them. You can reach out to local audiences and capture their attention when you use these banners. They have been proven to be very effective in the past and they continue to be effective now.

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