If you are continually searching for ideas to boost your business on Facebook, then here are five of the best marketing tips to give your local business more visibility.

Many local business owners are often afraid of using the internet as a promotional tool, in part because they think that such global devices are not suited when it comes to local businesses. However, in reality, the majority of customers expect and look for online channels to communicate with both local and global companies. There’s a sea full of social media platforms; however, Facebook marketing is the most productive one for advertising your business, due to the fact that it calls upon a broader audience and because it provides many benefits even for small businesses.

Follow these Facebook marketing tips for your local business:

  1. Videos

Video content engages in interactions and involves the public the most. Facebook lets you share videos on external platforms; however, the best results are uploaded straight to Facebook. The critical thing to remember is that content affects the target: workday elements, local events, or just silly moments. If for some reason you can’t use videos, use photos. Real photos work the best because they give your page more personality. The important thing is that you add content to your page that takes on a human face.

  1. Fan Pages

Make sure that you keep the fan page personalised, you can do this by using photos of satisfied customers with their permission of course! Whether you provide a service, sell products or want to share a particular moment with your viewers, it is essential to emphasise this component. An excellent advantage of this marketing strategy is the wide visibility you can give your page by putting tags on faces of portrayed customers.

  1. Unity

Working with other local businesses can bring many benefits. Obviously, don’t work with your competitors, but work more with businesses that are on the same street as you or with ones you can share promotional initiatives with.

  1. Geolocated Ads

Facebook lets you target campaigns thoroughly; you can even select very narrow geographic areas of action. This way, even with a small budget, you can reach the public, that is, the ones that could benefit from products and services offered. For example; Azuri Group is specialist in marketing for surgeons with most of their clients in Australia, therefore, creating a Facebook ad that targets surgeons in Australia would be beneficial for their company.

  1. Monitor Reviews

Business pages on Facebook offer users a chance to write reviews, which then translates into blue stars. It is vital that each one is observed and responded to accordingly. Thank customers that leave positive reviews and respond to negative ones professionally.

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