If you’re looking for helicopter lifting service in USA, you ought to find a reliable provider, because it’s not just about Aerial work like powerline inspection, helicopter courier, live line washing of insulators, scouting airborne platforms or aerial spraying, but rather much more than that.

It’s not as simple as It Sounds

You need a network of professional partners who can not only provide advice and solutions in areas like Consultancy for helicopter powerline maintenance, but also support for all your outdoor projects such as heli-biking, heli-skiing, and heli-hiking.

What Should a Helicopter Lifting Service Provide You With?

As mentioned earlier, a reliable helicopter lifting service provider in USA must be well-versed with many things, so a good vendor must be able to –

  • Assist in Creating and equipping heliports – helipads (mobile and fixed beacons for day & night operations
  • Locating and financing helicopter purchases
  • Technical expertise: Maintenance and optional fitting including paintwork and more…
  • Administrative assistance: Operating manuals and documents

What Do Pilot Services Include?

The pilot services primarily include the following –

  • Corporate Services: passengers transportation, VIP
  • Aerial work: Power-line inspection, helicopter courier, aerial spraying, live line washing of insulators, scouting airborne platforms etc.
  • Ferry & technical flights
  • Safety pilot – Both private or professional pilots
  • Aeronautical advice
  • Aerial photography: Shoulder camera,
  • Gyro-stabilized camera systems such Stab C, Super G, Cinéflex, Wescam
  • Sporting events: Race, Rally, Raid etc.

Additionally, it’d be a great thing if your provider can also assist you with STC filing for optional equipment such as creation, conversion, assistance.

And, if you’re you looking out for a pilot for your passenger transfer operation or aerial work, be it a “movie pilot”, safety pilot, or simply any kind of professional advice in France or USA, then you ought to visit LXPro.fr

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