When you think of a professional, B2B telesales agent, you probably don’t think it involves a lot of emotion. Keeping calm and a strong head on your shoulders is a crucial part of the job. This is especially true when you have to move from one call to the next quickly, or if you have to deal with impolite or hostile clients.

But this isn’t about negative emotions. It’s about positive emotions. Positive emotion can help you to make progress when it comes to B2B telesales. In the world of B2B telesales, it seems it all focuses on rational thought. But emotional factors definitely come into play in a B2B setting. Especially in sectors where you might expect buying decisions to be more rational and less emotional.

When it comes to making a rational purchase decision, there’s 3 factors a prospect will look at. Product quality, service quality and distribution quality. These will all affect the decision of whether a prospect will buy from you or not.

However, the emotional aspects also play a part in the decision making. Emotional aspects when it comes to B2B telesales are brand image, country of origin, advertising style and even the personality of the salesperson. If you think you’re B2B telesales team need more training in emotion techniques, I have found this guy’s viewpoints very interesting http://www.simonkenna.co.uk and he sounds like a great trainer.

Showing your clients and prospects a positive emotion can strongly influence their customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. No one wants to buy anything from someone who is negative, and who is impolite too.

Having B2B telesales agents who are positive and have a great personality will give your business the competitive edge it needs to beat the competition when it comes to sales. It might not even matter what kind of service you offer. If you can show that you have a positive emotion behind your business, people will buy from you.

Outsourced telemarketers tend to show negative emotion when talking to prospects. This is why they don’t do so well when it comes to sales. When they’re making one call, they’re already thinking about the next. So make sure that all of your B2B telesales team are showing positive emotions when making their calls, and you’ll see profits increase in no time.

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