DCM has more than 65 years of experience providing high-quality commercial and industrial fabrication and construction services across several industry sectors both domestically and internationally. These sectors include the likes of oil & gas (which includes oil sands and LNG), mining and metallurgy, infrastructure, petrochemicals, and power generation.  The group is known to be an expert in all of the many types of construction as well as modernization and expansion mandates for production facilities and buildings.

DCM offers high-quality services for various projects, including:

  • Piping, process module, and e-housing fabrication
  • Greenfield construction
  • Plant expansion operation, upgrading, and optimization
  • Testing, pre-commissioning, and commissioning


DCM is also widely known as an experienced maintenance service provider, celebrated for its well-established track record across various industry sectors including oil and gas, mining and metallurgy, pulp and paper, and more.  The partner of choice for many industrial owners and managers, dcmgroup.ca offers the best maintenance and asset management options crucial for long term operations.

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As an expert example on best safe practices, DCM is also known for successful execution of many shutdowns and/or turnaround projects, whether scheduled or otherwise.  Several decades of experience provides quick reaction for safe undertaking and rapid deployment of multidisciplinary teams to handle such necessary operations.


Finally, DCM services also offer off-site fabrication, on-site multidisciplinary work (ie: piping, mechanical, electrical instrumentation) as well as engineering, procurement, project management, and commissioning and consulting services in its related fields.

  • Highly specialized prefabrication / modularization services for assistance with e-housing, skid fabrication processing, module assembly, and more
  • Professional mechanical installation services for static process equipment, rotating process equipment, pressure vessels, and tanks
  • Integrated process pipe fabrication, installation, and testing from in-house fabrication shop, resulting in small and large bore spools as well as pipe racks, process skids, and modules which can be transported by train, truck, or ship
  • High-quality electrical power supply, installation, and testing services to assist clients with control, power, and lighting systems as well as motor switchgears, heat tracing, and more
  • Expert instrumentation calibration and installation services to assist clients with distributed control systems, control and instrumentation wiring and pneumatics, loop verification and pressure testing, etc
  • Comprehensive commercial and institutional services—which include design, installation, maintenance, and modernization services—to assist clients with both interior and exterior electrical equipment as well as power generation, power distribution, structured wire cabling, wireless networks, and more

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