Are you interested in making jewellery? Are you already making jewellery for your friends? Are you exhibiting and selling them at craft shows? If you are wondering whether it is possible to make it your full time job by starting a jewellery business then the answer is yes, you can certainly do it. Here are some useful tips.

Tips to start a jewellery business

  1. Set up a studio. Were you using your dining table or your study table all these days? If you decide to start a jewellery business, you should shift from the cluttered corner in your home to a studio.
  1. Find wholesalers from whom you can get the supplies at the best prices. Buying the materials at a wholesale price will enhance your profitability. You will need materials like chains, extenders, pliers, shears and package materials apart from gem stones and pearls
  1. Make use of the increasing internet users and the developing online business. Set up a website. Take good pictures of your work and display them on your website. Set up a blog. Make sure you have accounts on social media and that they are active.


  1. You should price your inventory correctly. You should fix the price after taking into consideration the materials used and the time spent. If the price is too high you will not be able to find customers. If it is too low you will not be able to earn profits.
  1. Think of a creative and unique name for your business. Design your business card and packaging uniquely. New ideas will attract customers.
  1. Success will not come to you overnight. Be patient and persistent in your efforts.

Jewellery business will surely be profitable, if you run it efficiently and professionally. Last but not least never forget the legal steps to be satisfied.

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