Have you checked out any of the recently completed residential or commercial properties? The one thing that is really standing out in these properties is the polished concrete flooring. There are many contractors who are recommending polished concrete Kansas City to their customers. The rise in popularity of such flooring can be attributed to the huge array of benefits these floorings offer.

  • High Versatility

While ceramic tiles may offer a wide range of designs to choose from, you cannot use them just about everywhere. However, that is not the case with concrete flooring. You can have concrete flooring at a residential property, commercial property, industrial property etc. It works well as a flooring system just about anywhere.

  • Durability & Eco-Friendly

Polished concrete is highly durable in extreme conditions. It doesn’t break or chip away easily. On an average, polished concrete flooring can go on for 10 years without having to worry about maintenance or breakage.

You also don’t need to use hazardous chemicals to get polished concrete installed or cleaned up. They are also energy efficient option. The heat accumulated from the sun rays can help you lower down your heating bill.

  • Lower Cost

Compared to other flooring options like laminate or ceramic tiles, the cost of polished concrete flooring is less. There are multiple colors available in polished concrete. The cost of each of this color may be different. The costing would also vary depending on the area of the flooring. But with all said and done, the cost will be less when compared to other flooring options.

  • Low Maintenance

As opposed to popular conception, the cost of maintaining a polished concrete floor is far less than other flooring types. All it requires is a regular cleaning and mopping. You can use a damp mop once in a while and the floor will look spick and span. Since the flooring does not catch any marks or stains, you don’t need to use any hazardous chemicals to clean it. If the concrete has been adequately polished, then you don’t have to worry about re-polishing it within a short span of time. In fact, you can go on for 10 years without having to spend a dime again on the floor.

  • Amazing Aesthetics

Who doesn’t like to have a house or a property that looks aesthetically superior? The shiny and glossy surface of the polished concrete will help you achieve the aesthetic appeal and sophistication that you expect. Polished concrete is available in multiple colors. You can choose the flooring that brings out the overall appeal of your place.

The polished surface of the flooring also absorbs any harsh light in the room and reflects less light. This makes the overall place look warm and cozy and very inviting. The reflection of the light from the floor is also quite different compared to other flooring options. This is why it is highly preferred in places like hotels or theatres.


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