A website represents your business and the look and feel of the web site gives an impression of how serious you are in to your business. It should be simple yet informative. At the same time it should be very attractive and future focused. Many web design companies are engaged with redesigning the existing web sites of their clients compete in the business and to adhere with the latest technology improvements happening in the web design industry.

Some Statistical Data

  • 92% of the users are searching online for the product and service they need mostly in E-commerce sites and the top SEO ranked web sites.
  • In Australia 98% of small business uses a computer, 95% have internet connections and 65% have a website on their own.
  • Statistical analysis among the users shows that, given 15 minutes to consume content, two-thirds of people like to read some beautifully designed content rather than something plain.
  • 38% of people won’t check the website if they find it unattractive.
  • 48% think that a website’s design as is the deciding factor of the credibility of their business.
  • A user may stay in your website for maximum 10 minutes if they like the site and within this time you have to tell them what they’ll get out of your website and company.
  • Users form an opinion in .05 seconds after loading the website. 47% of users expect a web site to be loaded in 2 seconds or less. 39% of people will ignore the website if the images take too long to load.

Here are some great tips for redesigning your website.

  1. Think mobile

In Australia in 2016 mobile searches ((51.3%)) overtook the searches from computers (48.7%) and if you are not mobile enabled you are losing the potential customers and business. More importantly Google started ranking your web site based on your sites mobile friendliness and is termed as “mobile-first indexing.” 

  1. Change the look and Feel with strong visual and graphics elements

Web site design is not merely the logos, icons, and background graphics. A redesign needs to concentrate on the visual presence for your business. Include product photos, video, graphs, charts and other visual content like info graphics and memes.

  1. Plan for future

You may need a simple 3 page static web site for your business but your redesign should consider scaling up the business to future heights as the business enhances. For example you may include a blog or include a content management system (CMS) to add new line of products without changing the site again. If you are running an e-commerce business in Amazon plat form you should select a template that should be integrated with Amazon, for example word press templates for Amazon

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities

Even though you redesign your web site with a great look and content there is no use if you can’t reach the targeted audience for your business. So SEO strategy should be firm enough to get a good ranking in Google search. Especially for SEO is so important as 34% of the orders come through search and 10% through referral sites and 40% from direct websites and 6% from social media.

  1. Have Dedicated Landing Pages

What businesses you are in to you need to have a Landing page in your web site. Landing pages are stand alone pages on your website which has navigation and other distractions removed. They are dedicated to provide a single offer and call-to-action. Since landing pages are specific they are an effective mechanism to test different offers, promotions, marketing messages, and even designs.

Though there are lot of other things to take care of while redesigning the website, like social media integration of the web site, personalization of the website, capability to integrate with other platforms above 5 points are very important and crucial for you to stay in the business.

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